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Good Vibes Only LED Neon Sign

Good Vibes Only LED Neon Sign

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An LED neon sign reading "good vibes only", perfect for a positive and uplifting atmosphere. Adds a touch of happiness and optimism to any space. A great gift for a friend or a unique decoration for a home, office, or studio. The sign is a stylish way to spread positivity and spread good energy. Whether you're looking to create a peaceful and relaxing environment or simply want to share the power of positive thinking, this LED neon sign is sure to radiate good vibes.

Shipping & Returns

Neon signs should be shipped between 1-14 days

Every LED neon sign is made from scratch, especially for you. Due to the highly custom nature of our products, we do not offer change of mind returns or exchanges. We have a strict no returns policy with any of our Products, however not limiting the rights and obligations under Australian Consumer Laws. We will not accept the return of items which are deemed to be ‘’change of mind’’.


All our LED neon signs are fitted to a 4.5mm thick clear acrylic sheet. Which have a 2cm - 5cm contour around the neon. Dimensions provided are roughly the size of the acrylic sheet, usually rounded to the closest whole number.

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Why buy our LED neon signs instead of traditional glass neon signs?

  • Energy efficiency: LED neon signs use less energy than glass neon signs, which can help to reduce operating costs and lower overall energy consumption.
  • Durability: LED neon signs are more durable and long-lasting than glass neon signs, which are made of fragile glass tubing that can easily break.
  • Flexibility: LED neon signs are more flexible and can be bent and shaped into different forms, whereas glass neon signs are limited to straight lines.
  • Safety: LED neon signs are safer than glass neon signs as they run on low voltage and do not produce heat, making them less likely to cause fires or burn out.
  • Cost: LED neon signs are less expensive to produce and maintain than glass neon signs, making them a cost-effective option for businesses.
  • Variety of Color: LED neon signs have a wider range of color options than glass neon signs.
  • Easier to Install: LED neon signs are easier to install and can be mounted almost anywhere, whereas glass neon signs require professional installation and can be difficult to repair.