Vehicle & Fridge Magnets

  • 0.6mm thick fridge magnet
  • 0.9mm thick vehicle magnet
  • 610mm max width
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Why can magnets be more beneficial than stickers?

  • Flexibility: Temporary magnets allow for more flexibility in terms of changing or updating the advertising message, as they can be easily removed and replaced without leaving any residue or damage to the vehicle.
  • Cost-effective: Temporary magnets can be more cost-effective than permanent stickers, as they can be used multiple times on different vehicles, and don't require a professional to apply them.
  • Easy to remove: Temporary magnets can be removed easily without damaging the vehicle's paint, making it more convenient for the vehicle owner.
  • Reusable: Temporary magnets can be used multiple times, making them more cost-effective than permanent stickers.
  • Variety: Temporary magnets can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them more versatile than permanent stickers.
  • Convenience: Temporary magnets can be applied and removed quickly and easily, making them a convenient option for advertising on the go.
  • Less commitment: Temporary magnets can be used as a trial run before committing to a permanent solution.